Elderly Live-in Care

Live-in care for older people through Convivium Care is increasingly becoming a popular alternative to a care home. It works because there is no upheaval; with the help of a carer, an older person or couple can stay in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of home. They can remain independent and in control of their life, whilst reassured that their care needs are met by a skilled professional, who also proves a cherished companion.

It is a difficult time in a person’s life when the time comes to acknowledge that full time support is required to continue to live independently at home. Our introductory live-in care service enables older individuals to remain fully in control of their care and the choices they make.

It’s the small things that make a big difference. At home an older person can retain their established social networks and continue with their normal routines and preferred lifestyle.

They remain in a home full of cheery memories, surrounded by adored pets and family and friends who can visit whenever they want - all of which can enhance and enrich the life of an ageing person.

Most of all, live-in care offers choice to an older person – simple things such as waking when they want, choosing when to eat supper or watching what they like on television

Our live-in carers are on hand to assist with all practical tasks required including light housework and laundry to keep the home clean and tidy. They will tend to the garden if that’s what the client wishes, prepare nutritious meals and cater for dinner parties for friends and family. If required, they would be delighted to assist their client to social functions and local outings to pursue and learn new interests.

If you’d like further information on how our live-in care service can help support an elderly person at home, please call our team on 01373 487063.