Convalescent Care

Our convalescent live-in care is designed for individuals who need temporary full-time help whilst they recuperate after an operation or recent illness.

Experience has taught us that most people are keen to return home from hospital as soon as possible. It is the place where they feel the most relaxed and content, where they can recover at a comfortable pace with the peace of mind that their practical and care needs are fully met by a skilled convalescent live-in care giver who comes to live with them for as long as required to get them back on their feet.

Our live-in carers work closely with hospital discharge teams and other health professionals involved in care to assist with prescribed post-operative treatment plans and exercise regimes. They will ensure that a nutritious diet is available, encourage good hydration and assist with all practical tasks around the home. In essence, they take away the stresses of daily life so clients can focus on regaining their strength and confidence to ensure a swift recovery and reduce chances of infection or hospital readmission.

The levels of convalescent live-in care we are able to offer:

Low level

Where a client is primarily self- caring but requires the support of a live-in carer to help with daily tasks. This may include shopping, meal preparation light housework, laundry and housekeeping duties. They will provide as much or as little companionship as clients wish.

Medium level

For individuals who require help around the home but also with mobility and/or personal care assistance such as washing, bathing or toileting.

High level

Encompasses all of the above but also includes more complex healthcare requirements such as PEG feeding or catheter/stoma care.

For confidential guidance and advice about our convalescent live-in care service, get in touch online here or call our team on 01761 232689 – we’re here to help