Condition Led Live-in Care

With over two decades in the field of care, we have a wealth of experience in helping individuals with condition led live-in care requirements remain safely at home and retain the best quality of life possible.

Our specialist bespoke solution provides an alternative option to residential care, whereby compassionate, yet skilled carers, provide round-the-clock support to meet clients physical care requirements and offer practical help around the home.

They recognise the daily challenges that someone living with a specialist care requirement faces, adopting a holistic approach to ensure clients remain fully in control of their care, the choices they make and that they can continue with their chosen lifestyle and preferences.


Our condition led live-in carers

The specialist live-in carers that we introduce are competency checked and matched appropriately to the level of care required. We validate all training certificates to ensure client safety, particularly when it comes to using specialist manual handling equipment, such as a hoist.

The conditions that we are able to introduce live-in care for include:

Parkinson’s disease

Live-in carers assist individuals living with Parkinson’s disease to remain comfortably at home remaining adaptable and responsive to their needs.

Alzheimer’s disease

Moving into residential care can be highly traumatic for an individual living with a disorientating condition such as Alzheimer’s disease. Our service eliminates the upheaval with carers following existing routines followed at home to provide familiarity, security and a sense of comfort.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis can present a wide range of symptoms affecting each person differently. Our live-in carers can help support individuals to adapt and overcome any limitations whilst remaining in the comfort of their own home.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Our live-in care service can help an individual return home from hospital after suffering a Stroke. A competent carer helps with recovery and supports through any long term effects.

Cancer Care

Following a period of treatment or surgery, our live-in care service can support individuals who are at all stages of cancer. From initial recovery to living with a terminal diagnosis, our compassionate live-in carers can provide a helping hand at a difficult time.

If you would like further information on our condition led live-in care then please get in touch online here or give our team a call on 01761 232689 – we’re here to help.